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Welcome to the MOX Lair. We are a new clan in the realm of Diablo 2. We like to keep the peace, but if you piss us off we'll send our bounty hunters after you;) OK, well you are probably wondering why you should join our clan, well we will eventually have great member benefits such as magic find groups that go out and give stuff to the other members. We will have tournamets with prizes like set items or such. There will be a lot more to come once we have more people and if you join maybe we'll use an idea you had for the clan. So, if you wanna join email just state your account name, character class(only one character can be used at a time with this clan, and that character must have a name like, MOX_example)you also tell us if you would like to help out the clan in anyway. So, with no more to be said, I wish you all the best of luck.
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8/5/03 - the MOX website was born

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